Are you and your family prepared?

It is so hard to be prepared. No one can ever predict what may happen to them or their loved ones as they age. Imagine this: here you all are enjoying the leaves change color on the trees, watching the Holidays go by each year, dressing up the tiny children in their adorable Halloween costumes, exchanging gifts around the New Year.

Is there any reason you would be thinking, “What do we do if dad gets sick? What is mom falls and breaks her hip and can’t take care of dad if he gets sick? Which nursing home is closest to their house?”

Why would you ever want to talk about these kinds of things while breaking the wishbone and imbibing in Egg Nog? The reason is because eventually you will have to. It may NOT be dad; it could be aunt. It could be brother. It could be brother 40 years from now, when your parents have passed on and maybe your partner is gone and you have few left to lean on.

This is why its so good to have that talk with your loved ones NOW, when everyone is healthy and present and can make their own choices.

Just think, putting documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Directives in place NOW means that somewhere down the line, when something suddenly comes up and you and your loved ones may be dealing with the emotions of mom needing hospitalization you won’t need to scramble around to sign things and scrounge up money to pay an attorney.

Make the decision to talk, today!

Who wants to be running around having papers notarized when you could be holding the hand of your loved one at their bed side? Thinking about the answers to all of these questions now is the first step in being prepared for your family’s future and this preparation will pay off in the long run. So, this year, during the holidays, ask the question, “What would we want later in life?”

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